HR solutions for intelligent organisations

Successful organisations in business, education, sport, philanthropy, government, and human enterprise in general, display the following attributes:

  • Clear strategies
  • Strong, respected, and robust brands
  • Disciplined fiscal management, and planning
  • An understanding of their markets, including competitors, and risk
  • Clear, and efficient communication and engagement with employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders
  • Clear, and well thought-through decision making

People initiate, develop, implement, monitor and adjust strategy; people create and promote brands; people manage finance; people understand markets, and people communicate. In short, successful organisations are a result of people, individually or in teams, interacting and communicating clearly and taking appropriate, well reasoned action.

It holds true then, that successful organisations must identify, attract, employ, motivate, reward and retain the best people, and must develop the right mix of people.

Getting it right requires what appears to be a complex fusion of strategies that need not be complex at all. The solutions are often simple and obvious; but many business owners and senior managers are too close and emotionally bound to the business to be able to identify and articulate the issues.

Dunbar Executive helps clients to identify and address people issues - individually and in teams -to facilitate individual and organisational success; and works with individuals to assist with and facilitate the management of their careers.